Lionheart Magazine is a magazine for those looking for something that reflects their personalities and preferences. Editorial that’s smart, funny, friendly and a little irreverent, together with beautiful design, illustrations and photography. You’ll find craft, fashion, art, interviews and features that are interesting, inspiring and hearty.

Run through the hills, jump into the lakes, swim in the oceans, dance in the city and take in the comfort of your favourite parts of life. Put the kettle on and settle down under your homemade quilt and immerse yourself in the world of Lionheart Magazine.

Discover wonderful people both new and old, with interviews, accounts and stories. Be inspired, create and debate, with sections on craft, gardening, health and art. Cut out fashion ideas centered on the beautiful, with hints of a trend, but permeated in style. Feel your inner being blossom courtesy of a roaring great hug from nostalgia and the potential held within future and ambition. Plaster the illustrations on your wall, marvel at the illustrations and look within the photographs that tell stories. Find music you’ll love and personal reading lists full of books from the past and present. Theatre, film, romance! Stories that enlighten, impress and make you consider everything. Pretty, real and peachy.

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