Issue Nine is the Land, Water and Air issue.

STALF – easywear brand designed in the Lincolnshire Wolds by Paris Hodson.

Alela Diane – singer songwriter Alela wrote her latest album Cusp, an album exploring motherhood, reaction, identity and nature, in an A-frame cabin deep in the snowy woods of Caldera. Alone for the first time since becoming a mother, she tended to a wood stove, made soup, rediscovered how to be on her own, and wrote songs.

Illustration interviews with Miss Magpie Spy who tells stories with live illustration, fashion, design and travel. As well as Gemma Koomen, who creates beautiful worlds inspired by nature.

Vegan beauty with Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol.

Homemade kitchen beauty – learn how to whip up your own body butter among other beauty creations using simple, natural ingredients.

Poems by Tatterhood.

Swimwear for life by the water, by Stidston Swimwear (including velvet swimwear!)

& much, much more.

Land, Water & Air, I think each of us feels a connection to at least one of these. They work like an anchor; grounding, inspiring, bringing joy and a swift route to recognising the moment – as well as our potential and the excitement of discovery.

This issue explores Land, Water and Air – essentials for life – with interviews, photography, stories, illustration and lots of ideas. Books, music, artists, beauty, style, interiors, plants, travel – and just a whole load of goodness.

Designed by Holly Giblin

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